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This Coats of Arms -
The coat of arms pictured here was first drawn as an outline in black on white then scanned and painted in Photoshop. Digital painting gives a very different feel to the end result, it's not quicker than hand painting but does allow quicker experiments with alternative colours and easy scaling up or down in size. We can also produce versions as scaleable vector graphics which could be used for cutting masks for sandblast etching or self adhesive cut out versions.

Coats of Arms - Materials & Sizes
We can either hand paint or print a coat of arms onto almost any material, you could have a montone version ethed, sandblasted or laser engraved into glass or mirrors. We can also produce your coat of arms to any size.

Source & Interpretation - Coats of Arms
We can produce a hand painted, digitally painted or printed coat of arms from an image, the official blazon, or your verbal description. Artists who produce coats of arms know that there are certain rules to follow but there is also a wide degree of interpretation allowed before the coat of arms becomes incorrect.

Legal Position - Coats of Arms
A coat of arms can never be official unless it is granted by the College of Heralds. The process of being granted a coat of arms will probably take a few years and there are no guarantees. It will also probably cost 3 to 4000 pounds payable in stages as you progress through the system. If you require assistance in applying or designing a coat of arms we will be happy to help but we have to charge if you want to start the ball rolling, but initial advice is free.
You could just create your own coat of arms and use it like a logo but remember, it would not be a real coat of arms.
If you use a coat of arms that has been granted to someone with the same surname as you, be aware that you probably have no official entitlement to use or display those arms. However, as I understand it, you will not be breaking a law of the land but are more likely to be infringing copyright laws. A coat of arms is granted to an individual and their descendants, not to anyone who has the same name. There doesn't seem to be many legal squabbles over inappropriate use of a coat of arms these days, which is a shame, but times have changed, stealing ChumbaWumba's anarchist credentials is more likely to make the scurrilous newspapers headlines. Those who have been granted arms can relax in the knowledge that theirs is real and anything like it is a mere impersonation.

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