Weeding Bespoke Self Adhesive Lettering

making self adhesive lettering for vans, cars and trucks
Private Client
Sandhurst - Surrey
Silver Metallic Self adhesive vinyl lettering
We can also produce everything by hand as we're also traditional signwriters but it costs quite a lot more.

Self Adhesive Vinyl Signs - Vans - Vehicle Livery

Part of the process of producing your self adhesive sign lettering is known as weeding. This just means removing the self adhesive vinyl that you don't want and leaving the graphics, logo, lettering or design that you do want.
You don't have to worry about the weeding, we do that bit, and the the next part of the process which is to apply application tape. This makes it easier for you to lift the vinyl lettering from the backing paper and fix it to your signboard or vehicle.

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Weeding vinyl lettering for self adhesive signs, vehicles & Shops