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Will the real signwriter please stand up!

One Way of Describing Ourselves

We try to represent everything that a British Company should be and as a nation has built it's reputation upon. These qualities are innovation, quality and reliability. We use the same motto as the press industry "Die for the Deadline". The guy constructing this website is a long time employee of "streetwiseUK aka signmakers-brighton" and holds the record for non-stop signwriting and mural painting which stands at 78 hours without sleep or rest, followed by a 12 hour bender, which he felt was justified and well deserved, 24 hours sleep then ensued. (To view an example of work done during this period click here). The quality of work did not deteriorate at any point during this marathon session and the deadline was met with four hours to spare, however the clients were starting to panic. Inexplicable in our view, for we have never failed to deliver the job on time. At this point you should here a rousing version of 'Rule Britannia', but it's probably not a good idea and then there's bandwidth...

And Another Way of Describing Ourselves

All of the above is true with this exception. We are really a disparate group of individuals all uniquely talented who share a principle which is : To do their very best to create the best finished thing (whatever it is) that is possible within their own and their combined ability.

Not necessarily in any order other than what comes out of the writers head is most of the stuff that we do:

We write copy, direct mail, manuals, instruction sheets that you can understand, we have a great capacity for switching to objectivity from a state of deep subjectivity, this helps in writing instructions to guide the layman.

We write jingles, background and incidental music and if we can't do it, we know someone who can, we sing, we were on 'Stars In Your Eyes' and did quite well, but choreography is weak point.

We are well organised and have people who can organise others.

We translate into most European languages, with a fondness for any Celtic tongue particularly Welsh.

We produce interactive multimedia cd's, animation in 2 or 3 dimensions, and the fourth when it arrives.

Really nice 3d images of the product real or imagined that you need to promote or show a client. (If your'e in the trade, we can wrap your 2d design around youre desired 3d shape) and put 10 of them on a shelf

Yet Another Way of Describing Ourselves

Established in 1972 as letterpress printers, decorative artists and stained glass window makers, before relocating to Wales in 1975, we received a commendation from the Design Council for work done for the Holman Kelly Paper Group, design work was all done in lead type and produced on an 1894 Arab Platen.

Following the move to Wales we concentrated on traditional signwriting, general signmaking, exhibition displays and decorative art.

Computers had a big impact on the sign trade in the 80's and they were incorporated into our day to day work producing self adhesive lettering, which is a blessed relief to those who have signwritten the many sides of a van with a sable brush.

The fast multiplicity of options offered by computer aided design were very enticing and we followed our curiosity for ten years or so embracing modern technology with the discerning eye of a traditional craftsman and trying combine these perspectives. Computers are a fantastic tool but that's all they are, you need a good machine operator, and that's what we are.

5 for spotting him

Do all signwriters take milk or beer bottle crates with them wherever they go? Not to social occasions maybe but pretty much everywhere else. I prefer to use Grolsch or Welsh milk crates to transport paint and brushes. The ingredients of the crate are emptied out on arrival at site and the empty receptacle is then used as a multi dimensional support for the body, it's always nearly perfect, never quoite right, or is that quoit or quite, the latter I think , too many games of quoites, gone to my head. You Aussies should play it and excell at that as well, notice signs.nis is always in gold position, how do they do that? Here in Wales it's on the decline but not so long ago every Welsh 4 year old. including my children, could beat any foreign national and that includes Americans as well as Australians. Back to crates, if not, it means that you have to sit on the ground or stand up. So modern ergonomic furniture fails again and i'm sitting cross legged. If other signwriters have found a better or more useful thing to sit on than a well proportioned beer or milk crate, then please email and we'll try it out and announce the results on this website.