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this is a nice, simple section

If you're in the trade and have too much work, not enough hands and looming deadlines, you might need some help.

We understand deadlines and are prepared to burn midnight oil on your behalf.

We won't jeopardise your deadline by taking on too much, one happy customer is wonderful, ten irate customers is a nightmare.

To help speed things up, we keep a distinct email address for trade enquiries.      trade service enquiries

what can we offer you?

If you require something that needs to be done by hand, probably just one or a few off, to a high standard, quickly and reliably.

We can do stuff in large quantities but your'e probably better off with a mass manufacturer.

Our greatest strength is our adaptability, we can draw on many techniques, we can think for ourselves and provide you with options and original design or we can follow your instructions precisely.

If you need good design and graphic artists, have a look at our design wing, not surprisingly called; brighton designers

Also website Design & PHP Programming

PHP programming & MySQL
For an example of PHP and MySQL working together to provide a comparative quotation system click here