The Elmgreen School Beech Honours Board

Beech Honours Board for Head Boys & Head Girls

Dimensions are: 1220mm high X 610mm wide X 19mm thick.
Elmgreen School in south east London is housed in a light and airy modern building, this beech honours board harmonises with the school environment perfectly.

The Elmgreen School specialises in humanities and was the first school in the country to open with specialist status.

The finish is achieved with four coats of spray applied non yellowing varnish, the days of varnish that yellowed and darkened over time are gone. The finish will also NOT crack or flake over time.

Natural beech honours board listing head boys and girls at Elmgreen School in London

Elmgreen School Logo

The Pantone colours of the school logo have been colour matched and accurately reproduced, this adds to the cost
you can sometimes reduce this cost a little if an off the shelf colour can provide a close enough colour match.
We will send you colour samples if this aspect of your board is of concern.
The colours should remain lightfast (non-fading) for ten years in full exposure to external weather, used internally, the colours should remain vivid for twenty to thirty years.

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As a timber beech is considered by some to be rather boring to look at, but get a little closer and the woodgrain can reveal its subtle variations, not boring in the least.