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Montage of beech, oak and ash honour boards
Made to your order:- High quality honours boards that encourage, motivate and acknowledge achievement

If you have any questions or would like further info! Phone: 01403 711553
A framed oak award winners board made for the 1st Battalion of the Welsh Guards

1st Battalion Welsh Guards
Officers Awards Board

An oak honours board with hockey stick framing made for the 1st Battallion of the Welsh Guards.
The board measures 1200mm high X 650mm wide and is to display the names of those gaining
the Commanding Officers Leadership Code Award.
The regimental crest has been produced using dye sublimation printing and should remain colour fast and fade free for fifty years or more.
An honours board listing holders of the Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award at Wells Cathedral School

Wells Cathedral School, Duke of Edinburghs Gold Award Holders

This is quite a big honours board measuring 1600mm high X 1800mm wide.
To make an honours board this big presents a fundamental problem in that two panels have to be joined which adds a lot to the cost.
To circumvent this problem two separate panels are simply butted up and a feature made of the line of the join by putting it between two decorative border lines.
Three shades of gold were used, one for the borderlines, a second for the wording and a third for the D of E gold awards logo.
Signboard to recognise the achievements of school pupils

Cheam High School
Head Students Board

An oak honours board acknowledging the head students at Cheam High School.
The board measures 1200mm high X 900mm wide, a classic proportion to display two columns of names.
It has been stained to a tone just dark enough to provide the right amount of contrast to the gold lettering.
Rather than framing the board with solid timber, a 25mm wide contrasting edge colour has been used with a 10mm gold borderline which achieves a visual frame and a finishing touch that enhances the boards good looks.

Intended to be portable, this glass honour board has a lightweight aluminium base, the sign can be easily moved meeting to meeting

High School Crest

The school crest has been reproduced by cutting four separate colours of self adhesive vinyls applied one of top of the other.
Not all logos or school badges and crests lend themselves to this method of reproduction, if yours does, it is well worth
considering this option. Although it increases the cost you will gain in the medium and long term because it will last
and still look bright and fresh in the years to come.
Solid oak framed honours board recording winners of the annual school governors award at the Appleton School

The Appleton School
Governors Awards

This is a fully comprehensive college for 11 to 18 year olds specialises in teaching business and enterprise studies.
Annual awards are presented by the governors of The Appleton School and are recorded on this red oak honours board with a solid oak frame.


A beech veneered honours board listing head students of Elm Green School

Beech Honours Board
Elm Green School

Beech is a light coloured timber that features in many recently built schools, it is typically used for doors and furniture.
Pale woods such as beech help to provide a light, airy and contemporary atmosphere.
This timber is also available for honours and achievement boards.
Head Girls honours board with gold lettering on red oak

Head Girls Honours Board

The Abbey School is an independent day school for girls in Reading, Berkshire founded in 1897. The head girls names displayed on the this board date back to 1915.
The honours board itself is in a red oak with gold lettering. A different shade of gold is used for the borderline.
A brass plaque on oak backing board to commemorate Helen Musson; headmistress at The Abbey School in 1932

School Headmistress
Oak & Brass Plaque

Miss Helen Musson was an early and exceptional head of the school. Her portrait was painted by Tom van Oss in the early 1930's and was recently restored, this brass plaque acknowledges both the headteacher and those who funded the restoration work.
The names of school head girls at the Abbey School continued on this names board

Head Pupils
Names Board

Further names of pupils who become head girls at the Abbey School are displayed on this continuation honours board.
There is enough space available for the next thirty years.
You need to be confident that the board and lettering will not only last but look in good condition for a very long time.


We recommend that whoever you buy from, you check on the quality of materials used for your honours board. Many materials look the same to the layman but there are many variations in quality and durability.
If you would like further info on this aspect of honours boards, please contact us.
Our Location
9, Huffwood Manor Trading Estate,
Partridge Green, West Sussex, RH13 8AU

If you need more information telephone Steve or Tess:
01403 711553

Honours Boards in Traditional or Contemporary Materials

Honours Boards for Clubs -
Custom made signs can be produced in any shape or size that you prefer. The boards can be framed or unframed with the lettering in gold leaf or any colour of your choice.
Honours Boards for Associations -
Updating of Honours Boards as requested. Lettering can be painted by hand or produced as self adhesive lettering for easy and consistent updates.
We produce contemporary designs and traditional honours boards.
Company Honours Boards -
We can include, and are very good at graphics and illustrations such as a crest, coat-of-arms, company logo or any other image that you require either printed using dye-sublimation methods or painted by hand.
You should avoid digital prints at all costs, if you don't, you should expect long term disappointment.
Honours board to recognise the achievements of school pupils

School Achievements

The lettering on this school honour board, to display pupils names and recognise achievements, has been made from a self adhesive foil simulating gold leaf. It is an effective substitute for gold leaf and offers a lower cost board and a relatively simple means of updating the board with the names of your pupils and their most recent achievements.

The first honours board that we made for The Jo Richardson school was back in 2008. It was received by pupils and teaching staff with enthusiasm and we have since supplied another seven honours boards to acknowledge the winners of awards over the years.
Intended to be portable, this glass honour board has a lightweight aluminium base, the sign can be easily moved meeting to meeting

Glass or Perspex
Honours Boards

You don't have to follow tradition. Honours boards can be produced using glass or silica acrylic. This contemporary honour board has been designed to be portable but being made from glass and aluminium will last as long as a traditionally made wooden honour board. Clear Perspex is a much lighter material but is more easily scratched than glass
An honour board to recognise the captains of cricket at the Cathedral School in Llandaff, Cardiff, Wales

Oak Veneered
School Honours Board

This honour board recognises the captains of cricket at the Cathedral School in Llandaff, Cardiff, was one of a series of eight similar honour boards that we produced to acknowledge the Captains of all of the sports played by the school.
The crest of Cathedral School in Cardiff produced using seven layers of gold and coloured vinyls

School Crests, Badges and Logos

Cathedral School's crest is very complex and was produced using seven layers of material including two golds of different textures.
Wateringbury village hall commissioned two boards to acknowledge the help and support received from the public over many years

Village Hall
Acknowledging Support

This oak veneered board is one of two supplied to Wateringbury Village Hall to acknowledge the help and support offered by many people, businesses and organisations to aid this long term project. The honour boards were stained to a medium tone to provide sufficient contrast for the gold lettering to show but the edge has a contrasting colour of natural oak to match the dominant colour of the timber used within the building.
This is one of three honour boards produced for the Ministry of Defence Joint Medical Command

Honour Boards
Joint Medical Command

We produced three honour boards for the Joint Medical Command which is a joint service agency serving the British Army, Air Force and Navy
Oak veneered honour board at St Peters church in Wales listing the names of the presiding clergymen, rectors and curates from the 14th century until now

St.Peter's Church
Bryngwyn Wales
Rectors & Curates

St.Peter's Church, Bryngwyn is part of the Raglan group of parishes in wales.
This board was commissioned by a lady to commemorate her husband, a former reader at this church

This board recording the rectors and curates from the 14th century was produced using a dark stained oak veneer, a softwood pine timber moulding has been used to frame the board. This is a less expensive alternative to a solid oak moulding. We will quote you for both types of framing if you wish
A four feet by four feet winners board listing the victors of the John Smith's Steward Cup for Hamilton Park Racecourse

Hamilton Park Racecourse
Winners Board
John Smiths Stewards Cup

Framing a board with a curved edge takes a long time and is relatively costly. The frame has been finished in a slightly darker and redder colour with the addition of a 10mm thick cream borderline.
If you want a board that is curved and framed, we'll also supply you with a cost for an unframed board with a contrasting edging colour and borderline as shown further down the page on your right, produced for Patcham High School in Brighton
Oak veneered honour board hand painted and gilded using English gold leaf with coat of arms

Gold Leaf Honour Boards

This honour board produced for the Mumbles Rowing Club, has been lettered by hand using best English 23.5 carat gold leaf. The timber is an oak veneered plywood, stained and varnished to fill the grain.
Glass honour board with a woodgrained aluminium base, can be moved about

Golf Club Honour Boards

This golf club trophy board has been produced using an oak veneered board with solid oak framing and dark brown self adhesive lettering
Quarter cut grained oak honour board with solid oak frame, fluted columns displaying Hockey captain names of St Bedes Grammar School in Manchester

St Bedes
Hockey Captains

This honour board is produced from a quarter cut oak veneer, solid oak mouldings and fluted columns to frame the display of the Hockey captains' names of St Bedes Grammar School in Manchester

The frame is very similar to the golf captains board above and the Harlequins board below.
A crown cut veneered oak honours board with solid oak mouldings produced for a parish council near Liverpool

Parish Council

A golden oak roll of honour board listing chairmen of the parish council near to Liverpool. The main panel is veneered MDF which offers greater stabilty than solid oak and has the advantage of keeping costs down. All framing of the honours board is made from solid oak and is produced by us to your requirements.
Plenty of space is available to display the names of future chairmen which we can supply to order along with fixing instructions and telephone advice if you need it.

Sans serif lettering cut from vinyl and applied to a large aluminium honour board showing the winners of athletic competitions

English Institute of Sport
Competition Winners

A large honour board, 2.5 X 1.5 metres but only 3mm thick, thus relatively light but very durable. The English Institute of Sport provides athletes with training facilities. Motivation is a vital factor in athletics, this board already contains many well known names, it is hoped that younger athletes will be inspired to try and get their names onto the board in the run up to the Olympic Games in Beijing and London 2012
Oak veneered honour board hand painted and gilded using English gold leaf with coat of arms

Donar Boards

Produced using an ash veneer with a softwood timber frame for the Queen Alexandra Hospital Home in Worthing, Sussex.
The colour is natural
A dark stain on this oak veneered schools honour board in Kennington, South London

Model Citizens
Head Boys Head Girls

Produced for the Lilian Baylis Technology School in London, this 2 metre high board is 19mm thick and very heavy, you need to carefully consider your fixing methods and position of the board particularly if fixing the sign to partition types of walls
Light Ash board listing the Presidents and Chairmen of Acton Cricket Club

Cricket Club Honour Boards
President & Chairman

Acton Cricket Club commissioned an honour board using an ash veneer with matching framing colour dyed to match clubhouse decor and furniture.
A crown grained oak honour board with a county colour contrasting maroon border produced to recognise the achievements the colts who play for the North Middlesex Cricket Club

North Middlesex Cricket Club
Colts Honours & Achievements

This oak honour board with a maroon border colour was produced for North Middlesex Cricket Club. It shows a horizontal crown grain stained to a medium depth.

This board measures 1230mm X 610mm X 19mm ( Approx 4' X 2' X 3/4")
Famous names are displayed on this oak framed captains board ordered by the Harlequin Rugby Football Club in Twickenham

Harlequins Rugby Football Club
Captains since 1868

This board, with a solid oak frame, measures 1860mm X 900mm ( Approx 6' X 3') it is large enough to display the names of all Harlequin captains since 1868 and still have room left for future captains names for about 25 years.

The Harlequins Rugby Football Club ground in just across the road from Twickenham Stadium
Three pale beech veneered panels with navy blue lettering form a triptych honours board for Trinity School in Erith Kent

Trinity Comprehensive School
Bexley Kent

Beech veneered panels forming a triptych to display the school badge (logo), names of head boys and girls on the centre panel, with special awards and other achievements shown on the other two panesls.

The three boards together measure 1600mm at the highest point by 2200mm wide X 19mm thick
Produced as a vector drawing, this school logo was produced and applied to an honor board listing head boys and girls

Logos Crests Badges

Your organisation's logo, crest or coat of arms can be produced in may ways. For further information scroll to the foot of the page or click on the school logo to your left
Hill shaped honour board listing head boys and head girls at Patcham High School in Brighton Sussex

Head Girls Head Boys

This school honour board listing head girls and boys was produced for Patcham High School in Brighton, The shape and colour scheme provide a more contemorary feel but still has enough gravitas when compared to the more traditional gold lettering on a dark board
A pale ash finish to this veneered MDF panel honour board hand painted and gilded using English gold leaf with coat of arms

Honour Boards - Modern & Traditional Materials Combined

Using oak veneered stained dark is long standing favourite but other wood finishes for honour boards can produce a contemporary feel whist maintaining tradition. This light Ash finish provides a base for a clear glass panel, the lettering is on the reverse of the glass.
Company honour board lettering on rear of an acrylic panel against a pale ash wooden background

Contemporary Glass Honours Boards

Honours boards can be produced incorporating toughened glass or silica acrylic. Silica acrylic is like a clear Perspex and simulates the look of glass almost perfectly including the green looking edge that you see in glass.
A traditional honour board framed in solid oak and lettered in gold leaf for a London Livery Company

London Livery Companies
Worshipful Company of Actuaries
List of Masters

This honour board framed in solid oak lists the Masters of The Worshipful Company of Actuaries, one of the Livery Companies of the City of London.
The list of Masters names was produced using English gold leaf.
All other lettering and graphics have been produced using traditional hand painted signwriting and gilding methods.
The coat of arms representing the Worshipful Company of Actuaries hand painted in oils and gold leaf by Streetwise UK

Livery Company Coat of Arms

A hand painted coat of arms awarded to the Worshipful Company of Actuaries. Painted in oils and gold leaf. The arms are shown in context on the honour board shown to your left
Part of the ceremony and regalia in Chanctonbury masonic lodge in Sussex is a roll of names listing past and present worshipful masters

Masonic Lodge Regalia
Roll of Honour

A board showing the Roll of Worshipful Masters produced for Chanctonbury Masonic Lodge in Sussex. The lettering and graphics have been produced using traditional hand painted signwriting and gilding for the scroll, lodge name and title.
The names have been cut from self adhesive simulated gold leaf which enables easy and economical annual updating of names
Close view of solid oak mouldings used on this masonic lodge roll of honour name board

Freemasonry Name Boards

The original lodge sign had run out of space for new names after sixty years. We produced a new board in the style and dimensions of the original including reproduction of the original oak mouldings
What Next?
The general process is for you tell us how many names, or years, need to go onto your honours board, what the heading or title is, and would you require any logo, crest or other illustration displayed on the honours board.
We will then prepare a scale drawing for you of your proposed honours board.
At this stage the two most important pieces of information that we need from you is; who has got the longest name?
The longest name dictates the maximum size or height that the lettering can be, so the shortest name has to be the same size of lettering as the longest name.
Next in importance is the size of the space that you have available for your honour board. The space may be tall and thin or short and wide, we can produce honour boards to fit any space available but the finished size of the honours board dictates the size of everything within it.
You may know exactly what you want; the colour of the lettering, the lettering font style and the exact size of the letters, but the probability is that only have a vague idea, the biggest problem for you is knowing what size the lettering should be to fit the space available for the wording on your honours board.

To make this as easy and as accurate for you as possible.
What you need to do is give us as much information about your proposed honour board as possible. Most importantly is the wording and the size of the space where the lettering is going. We can then work out how big or small the lettering can be to best fit the space. Let us know if you prefer measurements in feet and inches, metric or both.

We will email or post a scale drawing of your honour board, and an estimated cost. When you see the drawing you'll be able to check the spelling as well as see if the sign looks right. It doesn't cost you anything up to this point.

A few revisions and alternatives will probably be necessary.
If and when we agree prices, sizes and all other details we would ask you to pay in advance for your honours board.
Depending upon its complexity and how busy we are, delivery would then be 2 to 4 weeks but could be longer if there is a lot of hand produced lettering.

College Honor Boards - University Honours Boards

Honour has been spelt Honor in recognition of other English speaking nations that use a different spelling than that used in the UK.
We're very happy to supply customers anywhere in the world but delivery costs may put us beyond your budget.

Self adhesive vinyl lettering & a painted red background for this university honor board, easy to update each year University & School Honour Boards

The University of Westminster require a vibrant and contemporary feel for their Sabbatical Officers honours board, so a deep red background with self adhesive white sans serif lettering.
Each year they email a request for further names which are supplied to them ready to apply, so the honour board is easy to update.

Choosing honour board colours

Sufficient color contrast for your honours board
You can have any colour that you prefer, you need to be sure that you sufficient contrast between the lettering and the background so that the information can be easily read.
Varying degrees of contrast are demonstrated in the image below
gold lettering for use on an honour board contrasting with light, medium and dark coloured wood

Honours Board Shapes and Sizes

A wide range of standard and bespoke honours board shapes
As with colours, you can have any shape board that you prefer, a few typical shapes are suggested below. Honour boards can be supplied framed or unframed. Framing can be simple or orante, traditional, of period design or contemporary.

All of our work is bespoke and any individual requirement can be met.
Honour Boards are available in any shape or size but this image shows the basic shapes available
Broadly defined categories of font letter styles for use on honor boards and signs Honours Boards Lettering Styles
The selection shown here represents the broad categories so that you can choose a style that gives us an idea of what you want.
As there are many thousands of font variations of the illustrated basic styles, and many novelty, cranky or fashion font faces available, we only endeavour to show a few here.
We can produce honours boards using any style of lettering that you want, we have over 10,000 fonts in stock.
Most Appropriate Lettering Styles for Honour Boards
The fonts shown above are fine for headings and decorative effect here and there but for the bulk of the lettering it is best to use the fonts shown on your right. They simulate hand produced honours board lettering closely, are easy to read and robust. Very delicate lettering is easily damaged and takes longer to produce.
Font styles best to use in making an honour boards
Honour boards can also include logos, coats of arms, crests and emblems representing your company, club, school or association Illustrated Honours Boards

Most clubs, associations, companies, schools and universities use a logo, crest or coat of arms as part of their identity, there is often a long and interesting history associated with the image. If you would like to incorporate a crest, emblem, logo or other image into your honours board, we can offer you traditional hand painted work to reproduce your image or digitally printed self adhesive versions
As heraldic we also produce hand painted Coats of Arms produced Heraldry & Honour Boards

We also operate as heraldic artists and traditional signwriters and painters. Any image can be incorporated into your honour board.
This logo was cut from external grade vinyls and will stay looking good for much longer than a digital print Logo, Crests & Coat of Arms

If you can't supply us with high quality artwork from which we can reproduce your crest or logo, we can produce this for you. The cricket club logo shown here was drawn by us as a vector outline to provide a cutting template. The only visual referance that we could obtain from our client was a black and white photocopy of an embroidered T-shirt badge
As heraldic we also produce hand painted Coats of Arms produced Complex Emblems

The logo of the Local Land Charges Institute was extremely fiddly. Although we were provided with a high resolution TIFF image, the client decided that a digital print would be of inferior quality. Digital prints offer inferior lightfast qualities compared to cut vinyls and foils or paint. The colours are also less vibrant particulary when gold colour is required
This logo was cut from external grade vinyls and will stay looking good for much longer than a digital print Military Crests & Logos

We were supplied with a faded drawing of the JMC crest.
To produce the finished military crest took a lot of work.
Every single element had to be drawn as a vector graphic which was then cut from the appropriate colour and applied to the honours board.
Painstaking was required to produce each leaf ( only 4mm high ) in the wreath.
Equal effort was applied to the many other elements of the Joint Medical Command army crest.

As heraldic we also produce hand painted Coats of Arms produced Intricate logos for honour boards

I can confidently say that no other maker of honours boards and the logos, badges and crests applied to them would go to as much effort as we do to ensure that every detail is correctly represented and produced to the highest quality.

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We have produced honours boards for schools and companies in Wales,
Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
Traditional Honour Boards are really up-market signs combining the skills of the cabinet maker and the gold leaf of the gilder and signwriter.