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Masonic Lodge Members -
The Masonic lodge is often thought of as an obscure secret society but in reality it's members, known as Freemasons, form one of the largest philanthropic and charitable organisations in the world.
Acknowledging Freemasonry Names -
With more than a nod of approval to the past, it is important to acknowledge the founding members of a Masonic lodge and those who have been voted by members of a lodge to represent the lodge as a worshipful master, the equivalent of a chairman in many other organisations.
Freemasons History -
Although tradition and ceremony, acknowledging the past in general and the history of each individual lodge are important to freemasonry, you would be surprised at the vibrancy, energy and concern that members apply to all current world issues and those that have plagued all societies since we were first able to record the events of history
This is an image of a sign board showing members names for a Masonic Lodge roll of honour for the worshipful masters of Chanctonbury lodge in Sussex
Chanctonbury Masonic Lodge - No. 6296
Chanctonbury, West Sussex
Oak veneered board, solid oak framing, hand painted gold leaf scroll and titling with Florentine simulated gold leaf self adhesive lettering

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Signs for the Roll of Worshipful Masters for Masonic Lodges throughout the United Kingdom