Cheam High School, Head Students Achievement

Sixth Form Head Students Honours Board

Cheam High School chose a 19mm thick oak veneered honours board to display the names of sixth form, male and female head students.
The names recorded start from 2007, there is enough space remaining to annually update the board until 2037.

An Honours board is expected to last for a very long time, to meet this expectation we use only the best quality materials.
We want our boards to not just last but still look good in twenty years time, there are no short cuts that will achieve this
nor are there any low cost materials that will stand the test of time.

Scroll down the page to see a large version of the Cheam High School logo.
Oak honours board listing pupils achieving head student status at Cheam High School

Close up view of Cheam High School logo produced with multiple layers of vinyl

Reproduction of School Logos, Crests & Badges

The Cheam High School logo is modern and dramatic in style.
We redrew the logo in vector format so that each colour could be cut individually from self adhesive vinyl.
The four colours used are applied on top each other to provide great colour depth and resistance to colour fading.
A cheaper alternative is to produce a digital print cut to shape but this is a very inferior method of reproduction and we refuse to use it.

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A light coloured oak Honour Boards naming Head Students