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Montage of different estate signs
Estate Signs, Made to your order:- High quality signs & signage that welcome, guide visitors and create a positive impression
Modular aluminium sign in white and blue at the entrance to Welsh Water premises

Industrial Estate Signs
Modular Sign Systems

This is one example of a modular sign system that can be used on industrial estates.
Modular systems are generally made from a combination of aluminium extrusions and produce the thicker, chunkier, more solid signs often called architectural signage as opposed to the panel and post sign systems used to make road signs.
The only way that these systems can be affordable is to standardise and limit the range of sizes available to you.
However, you can create signs in many sizes using multiples of standard components, although your signage is restricted in some ways.
You cannot always have what you want unless you are prepared to pay the earth for it.
For example, you might want a sign panel that is 120mm high but you would have to settle for the nearest standard size which would be a choice of a bit smaller, 100mm or a bit bigger, 150mm. Usually an adequate compromise can be found.

There are other ways of creating signs that might suit you better, this would probably be found in a variation of the plate or panel and posts systems, an example of which is shown on your right.
Folded sheet metal panels is another solution that is both flexible and affordable yet precise.

Easy to change name panels on the aluminium sign at Mallings Indudstrial estate in Lewes Sussex

Industrial Estate Directory Signs
Removable, Easy to Change Name Panels

Estate entrance signs often have to be combined with an estate directory.
The estate sign shown here at Mallings Industrial Estate, Lewes in Sussex offers what is probably the lowest cost option available.
The names are on individual panels that can be easily removed and replaced with a new tenants company name.
Sign panels that are removed can then be reused for a future name change.

Just a few examples of colour, shape and configuration options available for estate signs and signage

Image shows some of many options available for estate signs for industry, commerce and parks
Our Approach to your Signage Problems

There are at least ten manufacturers of sign systems in the UK, they are all similar in concept and how they are assembled
but there are also many differences in appearance, quality and cost which alone can vary by 300% from the cheapest to the most expensive.
Wading through this array of possibilities and narrowing the choice down to the two or three best solutions for your sign requirements
is our first step in our approach to your work.

The next step is to produce costs along with colour visuals, drawn to scale of your signage,
we can offer our design and layout services or work from your designs and specifications.

Our Location
9 Huffwood Manor Trading Estate, Partridge Green, West Sussex, RH13 8AU

If you need more information telephone Steve or Tess:
01403 711553

Estate Signs & Industrial Signage in Traditional or Contemporary Materials

Estate Signs for Industry -
Custom made signs can be produced in any shape or size that you prefer.

Estate Signage for Business Parks
Updating of signage as you request it.
Lettering can be spray applied using durable enamels, painted by hand or produced as self adhesive lettering for easy and consistent updates.

Company Premises Signs
We can include, and are very good at graphics and illustrations such as a crest, coat-of-arms, company logo or any other image that you require either digitally printed or painted by hand.
A factory unit location map sign in spray painted aluminium at Ffrwdgrech industrial estate in Brecon, Wales

Aluminium & Stainless Steel
Estate Location Maps

Large scale map sign at Ffrwdgrech Industrial Estate, Brecon, Mid Wales. Drivers can easily obtain directions without leaving the cab.
An early form of the monolith or solid looking estate sign in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales

Enterprise Parks
Unit Location Maps

An early example of architectural signage giving a solid look rather than a simple sheet of aluminium fixed to posts.
This system uses 2 sheets of aluminium attached to either side of the posts, the space between the sheets is covered by a folded metal section dixed on three sides that hide the posts and brackets.
A true monolith sign built from brick with individually changeable nameplates at a Technology Park in Wales

Industrial Technology Parks
Entrance Signs & Signage

St Giles Technology Park utilises two park entrance signs as shown here and a directory sign shown to the right.
The aluminium entrance signs are mounted on rectangular anodised aluminium posts 100mm X 50mm.
Signboard to recognise the achievements of school pupils

Technology Park
Monolith Directory Signs

Produced for the Welsh Development Board for Rural Wales.
Company nameplate panels can be individually removed and relaced when the estate tenant changes.
Unit location sign in Wales to help visitors find their way to business buildings

Building Location Maps

A few years ago the round post caps on this sign would have been made from timber, these days, a wide selection of ornamental fixings are available in cast aluminium and some plastics

An industrial estate directory sign with easy to change company name panels

Aluminium Estate Directory Signs
Easy to Change Slats

Situated at the entrance to Glanyrafon Industrial Estate, this 3.5 metre tall sign consisits of 50 company nameplates.
Each nameplate can be individually removed should the tenant's name change.
The replaced panel can be cleaned off and re-used.
What Should You Do Next?

Assemble as much information about your sign as possible and lob it in our direction.
we'll put it together into a coherant design and layout.

This info includes:
All wording and any fonts styles that you prefer
Colour preferances
A copy of any logos, crests or coats of arms that might be used
The biggest problem for you is knowing what size the lettering should be
to fit the space available for the wording on your signage, this particularly important
when signs have to be easy to read from a miniumum distance.

We will then prepare a scale drawing for you of your proposed signage.
Let us know if you prefer measurements in feet and inches, metric or both.

You may know exactly what you want; the colour of the lettering, the lettering font style and the exact size of the letters,
if so we will work from your specifications.

We will email or post a scale drawing of your industrial estate signs,
and estimated costs. When you see the drawing you'll be able to check the spelling as well as see if the sign looks right.

A few revisions and alternatives will probably be necessary, you'll then receive further sign visuals.
If and when we agree prices, sizes and all other details we would ask you to pay in advance for your estate signage.
Depending upon its complexity and how busy we are, delivery would then be 2 to 6 weeks, if you have a deadline we'll always try to meet it.

Designs and Designing of Industrial Estate Signs - Enterprise Park Signage

We are happy to work from your own specifications, designs layouts and colour schemes.

We are even happier to offer signage design as a service.

We produce accurate scale drawings and visuals in colour for you to assess which we follow up with revisions as required until we arrive at just what you're after.

Aluminium business park entrance sign

Estate Entrance Signage

All of our signs are produced to a high specification and they are usally made from aluminium and stainless steel.
The background is etch primed and sprayed with 2-pack Acrylic enamel, the lettering itself is sprayed on. This sign is at Hay-on-Wye.

Powder coated metal estate welcome sign

Estate Welcome Signs

The Pengarreg Craft Centre chose a signboard with a semi circular shaped top to add visual interest rather than for any practical purpose.
You can have a sign cut to any shape, please ask us if you'd like any suggestions or help with design.

The signposts are capped with round finials and the blue finish is powder coated, finials of different shapes are available.


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