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decorative artists, paint effects; murals, marbling, ragrolling

44 The Brow, Brighton, East Sussex, & Priory Hill, Brecon, Wales - UK

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The decorative artists combined ragrolling, marbling, gilding carving and signwriting in this sign, click for enlargement

Decorative Art - Ragrolled Marbling

Here the artists ragrolled in multiple greys to produce a marbling effect on MDF timber. Finish includes gilded carved timber and gilded lettering on aluminium slats. Green lettering is hand painted to look carved or incised. To see sign in its entirety click here
decorative artists producing ragrolling, marbling, woodgraining

Decorative Artists - Oriental Style

Many techniques used here including; ragrolling ( rag rolling or ragging)marbling, woodgraining, mural painting.

For a looser and livlier decorative art style you might like to look at this website decorative and mural artists. I like her style, it's different to mine and you might think better.
thumbnail picture of chinese dragon produced by decorative artists of brighton, please click on it for an enlargement.

Chinese Style Dragon Mural

From same job as above right. this Chinese style dragon is in a ballroom measuring 60' x 30' x 14'.
thumbnail picture of a trompe l'oeil by decorative artists of brighton

Chinese Scenery - Trompe L'eoil

This trompe l'oeil was used in a display of oriental furniture in an exhibition setting. it's life sized and prooved to be very effective. The artists were pleased.
thumbnail picture of decorative artists scenery, please click on it for an enlargement

Decorative Artists used Air Brush Techniques

From a series of 6 decorative panels in a hospitality area at the Farnborough Air Show.
the decorative artists produced 8 plant related panels for this event area

More Air Brushing from Decorative Artists of Brighton & Wales

Another panel from Farnborough Air Show job, they measure about 6' x 3'.
these decorative artists also produce gilding of signs and ironwork

Decorative Artists - Traditional Gilding Techniques on Wrought Ironwork

Gilded gates at Stretton Park, Cheshire. 15,000 leaves of best english gold leaf were used.
here the decorative artists would like you to view a close up of transfer gold leaf applied to a repouseť fleur de lys

Decorative Artists Techniques - Traditional Oil Gilding on Wrought Iron

Decorative gilded wrought ironwork.
A detail from gilded gate on your left. Decorative artists can become frustrated by the inabilty of the web to reflect a good finish but in this close up, you can get a feel of the deep lustre produced by gold leaf

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