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Photo montage of school entrance and direction  signs
Made to your order:- High quality school signs that last longer, look good for longer and reflect well on your school for longer
School reception signs made from powder coated aluminium

School Reception Signs & Signage

This sign at the entrance to the school reception area is made from 3mm thick aluminium.
The sign is painted with a very durable powder coated finish that will last and last.
The signposts are also made from aluminium and all nuts and bolts are produced from stainless steel.

An aluminium school entrance with a gentle hill shaped curved top edge

School Entrance Signs

These school entrance signs are also made from powder coated aluminium and stainless steel.
This sign has a curved top edge, we can produce signs in any shape, size or colours that you would like.

The lettering is made from high quality self adhesive vinyls, we only use the best quality material, it is not worth reducing cost by using less durable materials,
the money saved would produce a false economy in the long run.

The ultimate in durabilty would be to use spray applied lettering and graphics which does add significantly to the cost.
All school signs can be made to any size, shape or colour combinations that you prefer !
A school dedication plaque made from glass and beech wood

Dedication & Commemorative Plaques for Schools

This school dedication plaque is made from 6mm thick toughened glass with polished chrome fittings fixed to a beech wood plaque.
The school logo has been applied by airbrush to the beech plaque and the lettering applied to the rear of the glass.

School desk reception sign made from solid beech

School Desk Signs

This desk sign in the school reception area is made from solid beech and measures 300mm X 100mm but can be produced in any size.
Beech wood has become very popular in schools, perhaps to get away from the predominence of dark oak used in Victorian schools but don't dismiss oak out of hand. In it's natural state it has a light and characterful grain pattern and is a very stable timber.
Examples of oak with a light and golden finish are shown on the boards further down the page.

Ash is another very attractive timber to use, light in colour with a strong grain pattern.
Our Location
9 Huffwood Manor Trading Estate, Partridge Green, West Sussex

If you need more information telephone Steve or Tess:
0845 260 2350, calls charged at standard rate.

School Signs and Signage made to order in both Traditional and Contemporary Materials

Entrance Signs for Schools, Colleges & Academies -
Custom made signs can be produced for your educational facility in any shape or size that you prefer. The signs can be made from glass, plastics, aluminium or timber. with the lettering in gold leaf or any colour of your choice.
Wayfinding and Direction Signage for Univeristies -
We are quite good at evaluating your wayfinding problems and finding solutions using a combination of objectivity and experience.
School, Academy, College and University Logos, Crests and Badges -
We can include, and are very good at graphics and illustrations such as a crests, coats-of-arms, college logos or any other image that you require either digitally printed or painted by hand.
Heads of school house oak names board

Oak Veneered
School Honours Board

Cranbrook school required three honours board that acknowledged heads of house and house captains on the same board.
School sports cricket captains are listed on this schools honours board in oak

School Crests, Badges and Logos

This honour board recognises the captains of cricket at the Cathedral School in Llandaff, Cardiff, it was one of a series of eight similar honour boards that we produced to acknowledge the Captains of all of the sports played by the school.

Cathedral School's crest is very complex and was produced using seven layers of material including two golds of different textures.
School direction signs showing method of attaching signs to signposts

School Direction Signs

Chailey Heritage School has many buildings laid out over a large area of school grounds and needed more than forty signs to adequately guide vistors to where they need to go.
These aluminium signs measure 1200mm X 300mm the school colour is powder coated onto the front face only leaving the rear face a plain traffic grey which helps to keep costs down a bit.
We can also produce signs like this in oak if you prefer that look and feel but it is an expensive material.
Arrow shaped sign directing visitors to school reception

School Wayfinding Signs

This arrow shaped board on a single aluminium signpost is easily seen above parked cars and hedges and sets school visitors off in the right direction to reception from the school car park.
An aluminium folding sign to warn people to approach quietly

Folding signs

Chailey Heritage School have a horse riding area that is not always in use, therefore a sign to warn visitors to approach cautiously is not appropriate at all times.
This folding sign can be opened to display a warning message when the riding area is in use.
A reflective circular no entry sign

School No Entry Signs

You need to make it clear where school visitors cannot go as well as where thay can.
This no entry sign gets the message across in words and with symbol in reflective red.
Aluminium map sign of the school grounds at Chailey Heritage School

School Grounds Map Signs

School map signs can be produced in any shape, size or colour.
School accommodation sign with reflective background and reflective lettering

Reflective School Signs

The accommodation houses for pupils at this school have large reflective house name signs on them to enable quick location of school buildings for visitors and especially emergency services should they be needed.
Image shows eight different school logos produced using self adhesive materials and dye sublimation printing

School Logos, Crests & Badges

School, college, academy and university logos, badges or crests often feature on signs and signage.
We can reproduce your school identity in a variety of ways.
If you don't have original high quality artwork, at the right size, that is suitable, we can originate this for you.
If you have a small image that looks fine when printed on a letterhead, it may not be suitable for a large sign, we can create the large version which you can then use for your own purposes, the vector artwork can scaled up or down to produce a small version for a letterhead or enlarged to produce a giant sign without any loss of quality.
If You're Interested – What to do Next?

You could just call us on 0845 260 2350, calls charged at standard rate, for further info regarding your specific enquiry, it will get the ball rolling.

Other than that the general process is for you tell us what size, and colours you would like
and the information that you would like on the sign for your school,
and if you require any logo, crest or other illustration displayed on the sign or signage,
if you can send us a copy of your logo/badge it would be helpful in preparing a visual for you.
The logo doesn't need to be high quality at this stage.
We will then prepare a scale drawing for you of your proposed school signs and signage.

We will email or post a scale drawing of your school signs and an estimated cost.
When you see the drawing you'll be able to check the spelling as well as see if the sign looks right to you
and suggest changes to the design and layout,
It doesn't cost you anything up to this point.

A few revisions and alternatives will probably be necessary.
If and when we agree prices, sizes and all other details we would ask you to pay in advance for your signs.

Depending upon the complexity of your work and how busy we are, delivery would then be 2 to 4 weeks.

College Signs - University Wayfinding Signage

Colour coded university campus and college wayfinding systems that are well thought out can make life a lot easier for new students and visitors
everybody can save time and arrive at their destinations calm, unruffled and promptly.


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Signs and signage for schools in traditional and contemporary materials including wood, stainless steel, aluminium, glass, plastics, perspex and acrylic.