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Chailey Heritage School Entrance Signs

Signs Using School Colours

A large school entrance sign greets visitors to Chailey Heritage School in Sussex.
The white sign measures 2.4 X 1.2 metres and is 3mm thick, the shaped top softens the design and distinguishes it from typical road signs but the strength of the structure is to a high specification and matches taht required by highway regulations.

The board is powder coated and heat cured to produce a very durable finish, when the graphics need replacing or refreshing in 5 to 10 years
the white background will still be in good enough condition to accept new graphics.

The two blue boards beneath the main school entrance sign are also powder coated in a blue to harmonise with the school colours.
The white lettering is easy to read and is the first stage in directing visitors to the part of the school they need to go to.

We could have used less substantial posts to be strong enough to withstand windforces and support the signs but bigger 100mm square signposts
added visual strength and solidity and reflects well on the school and only increased the cost by 2.5%.

All of the nuts, bolts and brackets are made from stainless steel which means that don't rust and create ugly rust stains plus they don't corrode and sieze up
making it a battle to remove or replace a sign.

Chailey Heritage School have a very capable maintenance team and they dug the holes, mixed the concrete and installed the signs themselves.
If you don't have such willing team, we can offer you a cost for installation but it is often more cost effective for you to employ
a local builder to install your signs.

Powder coated aluminium school entrance sign produced for Chailey Heritage School in Sussex


Chailey Heritage School


Chailey, Sussex
Near Lewes


3mm thick powder coated aluminium, aluminium signposts with stainless steel nuts, bolts and brackets

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Aluminium school entrance signs at Chailey East Sussex near Lewes