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Internal Office Signs, Office Wayfinding Signage, Brighton Sussex, London, Wales

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A selection of office signs
High quality office signs made to your order, whatever it is!

Door Nameplates

Office door signs and nameplates can be produced to any size or colour to suit your chosen colour scheme or company colours if you can provide Pantone, BS or RAL colour codes. Office door signs can be colour coded to match floor levels and aid wayfinding and navigation throughout your premises.
If room occupants move, the signs are also easy to move to the new location.
An easy to change office door nameplate sign
An internal office directory sign made from silver finished anodised aluminium

Office Directory Signs - Anodised Aluminium

This office directory sign measures approx 2000mm wide by 1000mm high. Each company name slat is 600mm long.
We can produce your directory sign in virtually any size or combination of colours.
The directory shown is finished in anodised silver.

Changing Names on Office Directory Signs

If a new tenant moves into an empty office, or offices are swapped, we can supply individual name slats which you can easily replace yourself in a few seconds with the aid of a simple tool.
Changing company names on this office directory sign is very easy

Office Wayfinding Signs - Floor signs in Brushed Aluminium

The brushed metal effect can be be achieved in many ways using different materials, the finished sign can vary in cost considerably depending upon the material and methods of reproducing your graphics that you choose.
The example shown here is a brushed metal finish composite board with polished chrome screw covers.
The sign could also have been made from brushed stainless steel, brushed aluminium or simulated brushed metal made from self adhesive vinyl.
All would have looked indistinguishable from the sign displayed here but the differences and quality would be obvious in the flesh. The most expensive would look good for longer and last for up to 50 years.

Changing company names on this office directory sign is very easy
Polished stainless steel and clear acrylic used for this internal office sign

Office Floor Signs
with Chrome Standoff Fixings

White lettering on clear Perspex on this wayfinding sign. The sign is fixed to the wall using using chrome standoff fixings which literally means that the sign stands away from the wall surface. You can vary this distance from 10mm (1/2") to 75mm ( 3" ).
Standoff fixings can vary in price from 1 each to 30 for the most expensive and elaborate.
The fixings can be supplied with a polished chrome finish, a satin brushed metal effect and sometimes in brass or with an anodised colour finish.
internal office door signs

Office Direction Signs

This example sign was produced in 6mm thick Perspex and fixed to the wall using four polished chrome standoff fixings.
The signs are positioned on each floor directly opposite the lift doors and exits from stair wells. They should be the first thing that visitors to a building see as they arrive on any level of the building. The intention being that these direction signs will be a clear and simple aid to your visitors navigation of your building resulting in a happy and productive meeting.
internal office door signs

Office door signs - frosted glass effect

Self adhesive frosted effect vinyl for internal office door signs is effective for decoration and information. Its a very cost effective way of creating a custom look that produces privacy without reducing the transmission of light. You'll find this material cropping up regularly throughout this website.
Polished stainless steel and clear acrylic used for this internal office sign

Frosted Glass Effect & Wayfinding Signage

Frosted effect vinyl used in conjunction with blue vinyl on clear perspex suspended within a tubular polished stainless steel framework.
Polished stainless steel lettering for this internal office reception area

Office Reception Signs - Stainless Steel

Polished stainless steel cut out lettering and logo produce quite an opulent effect in this office reception area.
Frosted vinyl effects and displays for offices

Internal Office Display Signs

Similar combination of materials as used in the internal office sign above.
Internal office signs, attractive, durable easy to maintain

Frosted Office Partitioning

This and to your right, somewhat boring office partitioning can be enlivened to produce an enhanced workplace environment and reinforces the company image to both staff and visitors.
Office reception signs

Frosted Office Partitioning

Having clear areas in the design of office partitioning produces a dual effect of a sense of privacy and of space. What lies beyond and draws the eye and the mind by creating a more natural office environment, neither claustrophobic or agrophobic.
Interior office signs fixed in office reception area

Office Reception Signage

Frosted vinyl effect and coloured self adhesive vinyls are used again in this office sign but this time used in conjunction with the graduated tones of an airbrushed logo.
Interior office signs

Office Reception Signs

An office window at night time with an oddly shaped seat below. Signs on office windows can be used for internal decorative effect as well as external decoration and information.
Internal office signs for display this is a regional map

Internal Office Display Signs

This sign is in the regional HQ. of the Welsh Development Agency in Newtown. Spray applied graphics on aluminium behind clear polycarbonate sheet.
Double sided hanging office signs in plastics, metals and wood

Hanging Office Signs

Available as double sided hanging office signs or single sided. These internal signs, suspended from the ceiling, followed the colour scheme established for the external signs. They can be produced using plastics such as PVC or acrylic sheet. Aluminium and timber in natural or faux finishes are also available. A variety of methods can be used to suspend the signs from the ceiling.
Internal office sign using gold leaf on interchangeable aluminium slats.

Gold Leaf Office Signs

This changeable slatted office sign combines gold leaf, stainless steel, aluminium. Suitable for interior or exterior use.

Brass internal office and building signs, smart and distinctive

Brass Office Signs - Internal & External

A classy understated sign in brass and oak for an upmarket hotel and restaurant. Could work well in many situations using this or other material combinations such as polished stainless steel with acrylics.
None of our signs are off the shelf, we only produce bespoke signs that are distinctive, durable and of general high quality. However we are not that expensive and it's always worth asking for a price if you want something of superior quality.

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