Office Door Signs & Door Nameplates

Office Door Nameplate Signs in Any Colours

Aluminium office door sign produced using the Slatz system from Spandex sprayed in turquoise green with gold letters

Door Signs - Easy to to Fix - Easy to Move

Office door signs can be easy to move and fix to the new door

Ideal for the Top Dog

Anodised silver door nameplate with royal blue lettering

Door Nameplate Fixings

Slatz nameplate snap fit end clips are in position ready to accept the nameplate
Close up view of door sign clip screwed to wooden door

Aluminium Door Nameplate Signs

Door nameplate signs can be produced in any combination of colours or size that you require.
Our signs are NOT off the shelf, so may cost a little more than other providers.

The components are produced by Spandex and represent the better quality sign systems, not just in terms of looking good but also for durability, value for money and ease of use.

How to Order Office Door Nameplate Signs
Just email us with a list of the door names, occupants, company or department names in your office or office building.
Tell us about any preferred font styles, colours or colour schemes that you have in mind for your office door signs. You may want to colour code the signs to match company colours or wayfinding strategies.

Ideally include any logos that you might want to display on your door signs.

Most importantly, perhaps, the maximum dimensions that the sign can be or the average width of your office doors, some job titles and department names are extremely long and may have to occupy two lines.
It's best to have all nameplates in the same size so that if a room occupant moves, the door sign can be unclipped and moved with them to a new location and snapped into place in a matter of seconds.

We will then produce scale drawings and a cost.

The scale drawing not only gives you an early opportunity to check the spelling but also to change the font, layout, sizes or colours.

Company Logos and Colours -
Office door signs and nameplates using the Slatz system are available in the standard colours of silver and black, However, your door signs can be produced in any colours that you prefer which will cost a little more.

Your logo and company style can be reproduced from artwork supplied by you, or, we can originate new artwork, or, reproduce your style from references supplied by you.

Fixing and Changing Door Nameplate Signs
Office door nameplates can be fixed in place by yourselves with the aid of simple to follow instructions.
The black clips shown to the left can be screwed or glued in place, your nameplate snap fits over the clips with moderate pressure.

Oxford Business Centre
Silver Anodised Aluminium, spray finished