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The Queens gate at Ascot Racecourse needed 20 books of English gold leaf to gild all surfaces

Gilding Laser Cut Mild Steel

Only the Queen uses these gates, even then, she only goes out of them at the end of a day's horse racing during the Royal Ascot meeting in Berkshire
Gold leaf applied to the racecourse gate made from mild steel

Steel Gates with Gold Leaf

Gilding on steel can be succesfully accomplished if the bare metal is correctly prepared. Galvanising of mild steel is ideal but cannot always be done as the high temperatures during hot-dip galvanising can cause distortion of delicate sections
Gilded lettering and a faux decorative finish on an exterior signboard

Gold Leaf Signs

Produced for ourselves. We used to have a rather elegant Georgian shop with offices, this little sign outside the front door demonstrated many of our in-house techniques, compimented our Wedgewood green and cream fascade, and generally (so our neighbours said) enhanced the entire street.
A mahl stick and signwriters brush have been carved from teak and then gilded with English gold leaf

Gold Leaf Signs

The mahl stick and signwriters brush have been carved from teak before fixing to the signboard and then gilded
Gold leaf has been applied to copper repousee and wrought iron on this mantle of an ornamental gate in Cheshire

Gold Leaf Ironwork & Repouseť

Gilded iron and copper, this area is known the mantle, and is part of the gates displayed on your right.
Gilding on fully restored wrought iron gates and railings, restoration work by Paul Dennis of Sennybridge in Wales

Gold Leaf Wrought Iron

Paul Dennis has developed an international reputation for the production, repair and reproduction of ornamental ironwork. We are pleased to say that we gilded these gates for him in the early part of his career.
Close up image of a repousee wrought iron gilded fleur de lys

Gilding Wrought Ironwork

This photo just about captures the richness and range of tone and color in gold leaf, which you can't see in any of the other pictures. Gold leaf is never varnished or you kill it's best effect, which is blindingly reflective in sunlight and lustrous on a grey day.
Gold leaf lettering applied to aluminium slats to produce a gilded directory sign

Gold Leaf Signs

A big problem with electrolytic action here. Combining gold leaf, stainless steel, aluminium and the salt water atmosphere of Aberyswyth was nearly a metallic nightmare.
Gold leaf has been used on this county boundary sign produced for Montgomeryshire County Council

Gold Leaf Coat of Arms

Produced for Montgomeryshire County Council.

The use of gold leaf is not obvious in this sign but it has been used on some of the leaves in the heraldic mantle. On entering this county it will attract the attention of the motorist long before the modern reflective material will, which forms the white background of the sign.

Montgomeryshire coat of arms uses gold leaf which can be substituted with yellow if gold is unavailable

Gilding Coats of Arms

Detail from sign to your left, which hopefully demonstrates the effect of gold leaf, even when used frugally, as well as to draw your attention to our heraldry.

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