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this repouseť fleur de lys at stretton park in cheshire has been gilded with gold leaf and shows rich colour Our client was Brian Dennis of Sennybridge in Wales

This gilded fleur-de-lys, along with dozens more can be found at Stretton Park in Cheshire

The materials used were - 23 and 3/4 carat English gold leaf applied to copper repouseť work on wrought iron gates

Gilding Wrought Iron with Gold Leaf

Gilding with transfer gold leaf
Transfer gold leaf is predominately used for gilding anything that is going to be used or seen outdoors and particularly if the gold leaf has to be applied in the open air. The gold leaf is literally glued to the object being gilded with gold size, which in appearnce and consistency, closely resembles a clear oil based varnish. If we are producing gold leaf lettering for signs the gold size is tinted with yellow ochre colour oil paint, just enough to be able to see the lettering as it is being signwritten, when the size is nearly dry but still tacky the gold leaf is transferred and stuck to the gold size.

The use of loose gold leaf
In the sign trade, loose gold leaf is used on glass to produce a golden mirror effect usually in the shape of lettering.

Rottenstone Gilding
Rottenstone is like a high class dust and can be used to produce an antiqued or worn look to new gilding. We recently gilded a period reproduction wrought iron staircase and then distressed the finish by mild abrasion and the use of rottenstone in the crevices to mimic the accumulation of dust to give a well worn effect.

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