Business Park Industrial Estate Signs using Modular Sign Systems

Powder coated modular industrial estate sign for business parks

Industrial Estate Signs
Modular Sign Systems

This is one example of a modular sign system that can be used on industrial estates.
Modular systems are generally made from a combination of aluminium extrusions and produce the thicker, chunkier, more solid signs often called architectural signage as opposed to the panel and post sign systems used to make road signs.
The only way that these systems can be affordable is to standardise and limit the range of sizes available to you.
However, you can create signs in many sizes using multiples of standard components, although your signage is restricted in some ways.
You cannot always have what you want unless you are prepared to pay the earth for it.
For example, you might want a sign panel that is 120mm high but you would have to settle for the nearest standard size which would be a choice of a bit smaller, 100mm or a bit bigger, 150mm. Usually an adequate compromise can be found.

There are other ways of creating signs that might suit you better, this would probably be found in a variation of the sign plate or panel and posts systems, click here to view

Folded sheet metal panels is another solution that is affordable and precise.


Hyder Water


St. Mellons, Cardiff


Top Image
Extruded aluminium, aluminium signposts, stainless steel nuts, bolts and brackets
sprayed with 2pack enamels.
Lettering is cut from 10 year life expectancy self adhesive vinyls.

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