Harlequin Rugby Football Club Twickenham - Club Captains Oak Honour Board

Quarter Grained Oak Captains Name Boards

This board was produced for the Harlequin Rugby Football Club situated just across the road from Twickenham Stadium.
With a solid oak frame and measuring 1860mm X 900mm ( Approx 6' X 3') it is large enough to display the names of all club captains since 1868 and still have enough remaining empty space to cater for future captain names for 25 to 30 years.
If you're a fan of Rugby some famous names are displayed; such as Carling and Moore to mention just two, and alongside the year 1893-95, there's a man named A. B. Cipriani, I wonder if he's related to the current Cipriani?

Custom made, honour boards like this can produced to your specifications, any size or shape, colour or finish that you prefer.
Lettering can be in Gold leaf, simulated gold leaf or any colour of your choice.

Updating of Honour Boards is supplied when you request names and costs are given with your initial quote.
Quarter grained oak veneered honour board displaying the names of Harlequins rugby club captains since 1868
Harlequin Rugby Football Club
Twickenham, Middlesex
Quarter grained oak veneered board with solid oak framing with Florentine gold lettering and solid brass fixings

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Harlquins Rugby Club, Captains names listed on an oak framed veneered panel