The Appleton School Governor's Award Board

The Appleton School Governor's Award Board

This is a fully comprehensive college for 11 to 18 year olds, high achieving in all aspects of general education and with an eye on the future, the Appleton School specialises in teaching business and enterprise studies.

Annual awards are presented by the governors of The Appleton School, the names of winners are recorded on this red oak honours board with a solid oak frame.
The overall size of this board is 1200mm high X 750mm wide X 39mm thick.
We were provided with a photo of an existing awards board that the school displays and were asked to either reproduce it exactly or create a board that resembles it closely. We were able to source an architrave style moulding very similar to their existing awards board. To match the colour we supplied five real wood samples that would be in the colour area required. The school were then able to choose the closest match to their existing board. When we knew the closest colour that could provide a reasonable match, we were then able to either deepen or lighten the shade of red oak to provide an even closer colour match.

Colour matched red oak awards board naming Appleton school pupils awarded the Governors Award for pupils

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Colour matching of solid oak and veneered timber to create accurate reproduction of school's awards display