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Founders, Masters & Members Names of Masonic Lodges

Sign Regalia for Masonic Lodges -
The presentation of past and current officers names to remember and acknowledge their achievements and contributions is important to any organisation and can justifiably be considered part of Masonic lodge regalia.
Reproduction Lodge Boards -
The boards shown here details the oak mouldings used in the construction of this board. Chanctonbury Lodge had a roll of honour that after 60 years was now full and left no space for the name of a newly elected Worshipful Master. We were asked to produce a new board to match the original. We stained the new board to a darker colour than the original to increase legibility and resist fading. The oak mouldings used for the existing board may have been a stock item for the original manufacturer but unfortunately, not for us. To reduce the cost of the new board for the lodge members we glued together 4 off the shelf oak profiles to closely match the original, although not exact, it saved, or reduced the cost by 200 that would have had to be spent to produce a new machine tool to cut the oak moulding.
Freemasons Signs - Rolls of Honour - Costs -
In a few words, they tend to be expensive, primarily due to their elaborate construction, high quality of materials and the finishing required.
We try to keep costs down. We are currently stripping down, re-finishing and re-lettering an existing roll of founders and members for a lodge in Hertfordshire. The existing board is full, the new lettering will be slightly smaller and each line closer together but there will be enough space remaining for new worshipful masters until 2031.
A board produced in 1950 may have cost 50 to 100, nowadays this is likely to be 500 to 1000 but should last for fifty to one hundred years by which time a new board may cost 10,000.
If you spread the cost over 50 years and feel confident that your board will survive well in excess of 100 years, a well made board, using high quality materials, that can be economically updated will prove to be a sound and wise investment.

We can depatch throughout the United Kingdom and worldwide but frieght costs overseas are high due to the heavy weight of the construction materials used.
This image shows a close up of the oak mouldings used in the reproduction of a sixty year old Masonic Lodge Roll of Worshipful Masters
Chanctonbury Lodge
Chanctonbury, West Sussex
Oak Veneer with solid oak mouldings, hand produced signwriting using gold leaf scroll for the titling and self adhesive simulated gold leaf for the names

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