Head Boys & Head Girls - Trinity Comprehensive School - Beech Triptych Honour Board

Trinity Comprehensive School
Bexley Kent

Beech veneered panels forming a triptych to display the school badge (logo), names of head boys and girls on the centre panel, with special awards and other achievements shown on the other two panels.
The three boards together measure 1600mm at the highest point by 2200mm wide X 19mm thick.
Beech has a very subtle grain and is generally only available as a crown cut veneer.

Design Development and Alternatives
The first image on your right shows a sketch provided by our client to outline their ideas of prefered design and shapes. Below this are some our finished scale drawings of their design and some suggested alternatives offered by us to Trinity School. After considering various shapes and colours they decided upon honour boards with a straight bottom edge.

Updating of Honour Boards
New names to be added to your honour boards can be supplied as requested and fixed in place by yourselves with the aid of comprehensive instructions. You'll also receive a spare copy just in case you make a mistake or would like to practise.

School Badges and Logos -
Your school badge, crest or logo can be produced in one of four ways. Trinity's school badge has been cut from 5 different colours of self adhesive material starting with a contrasting black outline to the yellow shield shape and finishing with the pale yellow fleur de lys and the red lions.
Original drawing provided by client showing their ideas
This drawing shows design alternatives
Pale coloured beech veneer showing a close up of Trajan lettering and Trinity School badge
Three pale beech veneered panels with navy blue lettering form a triptych honours board for Trinity School in Erith Kent
Trinity Comprehensive School
Erith, Bexley, Kent
Beech veneered student names boards with navy blue lettering

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Beech Veneered Triptych School Honour Board